terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

We are becoming a Team! :D

Hello everybody!!! My name is Fabienne Æoli (as you can guess, I created my surname, but my first name is real). I am the newest member of Nebula Flare Team!!!

Including Elias who created Nebula Flare, right now we are... two.

So, it's more like a couple than a team... (I'd better stop before my boyfriend reads this! XD)

But that won't be a problem for too long since we are looking for new members. But before I talk about that, let me introduce myself better.

I'm 21, I study graphic design and I love every form of art! I can't survive without pencil and paper, I feel this constant need to draw what I find beautiful and what comes to my mind. But my interest in computer graphics came late, only when I was 19 that I started to use the computer to draw.

Then I learned about the world of pixel art. I love to create animated sprites, and to imagine how awesome would be to see them in a game.

And luckily I found Elias. We came in contact because of Dark Ball 2. I found a bizarre bug (which he prohibits me to talk about) and sent him an e-mail and ee started to talk a lot. In the beggining, I thought about asking him about game programming and what I should learn. I started studing really hard! It took me only a week to give up.

But we ended up becoming friends and after some talk, we decided to form a team. He says his drawing skills aren't good enough to create the kind of game he wants right now. After he sent me the basic concepts, I've sent him some drafs and then he said: "You didn't do what I asked. You made it better.". And then he asked me if I wanted to try to make this together and here I am.

We decided not to talk too much about our project for now. I can only say it's a really interesting concept, different from anything I've seem, but it's hard to imagine since there's nothing implemented yet.

It all depends if we are going to find all the people we need. Right now we are looking for:

-A song composer.
-Someone with basic knowledge about 3d modeling.
-A C++ programmer who knows the basics of DirectX.

As you can guess, we are doing this for fun. If we end up getting some money, good. Otherwise, there is no guarranty of payment.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to fabienne.aeoli@gmail.com or lordcinneris@yahoo.com.br

That is it guys, next time I'll post one of my drawings, see ya!

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